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Artwork and Endeavours by Shane P. Bowman.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Other Door

This is the other door to the pair of cabinet doors I found rummaging through a neighbors trash. The painting is an embellished view of a spot I surfed while visiting Morocco in the beginning of 2009. I was with 4 other surfers, 2 guys from Brazil, a girl from Ireland, and our local Moroccan guide. We pulled over on the side of the road, peaked over the edge of this cliff, and this is what we saw. I would suggest anyone to go there, tons of right point breaks and a great culture. For more info check out Surf Moroc. I stayed there and it was a trip of a lifetime.

- 24"x18", wood panel, acrylic

Monday, August 16, 2010

The second one finished for the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival coming up on Oct. 9th-10th 2010. So far I am on track. My goal is to paint at least one painting a week before the show. As of now I am keeping up but I know once the deadline gets near it is going to get a little intense trying to get as many things done as possible. So stay posted weekly as I will be posting all of my finished work on here. Look for some larger pieces to come soon.

-24"x18"- Acrylic on wood.

This here was actually another found object from the trash that makes for a great canvas. It was an old cabinet door I found, notice the hole in the bottom where the handle used to be. This one caught my eye because I thought the raised wood around the edges would make for a great built in frame.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rock Lobster

The first new finished piece that will be on display at the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival Oct. 9th & 10th.

- 9''x15''. Acrylic on wood. (This piece of wood was found rummaging through someone's trash!) I also glued a piece of washed up sea vegetation to the wood, which I found while beach combing trail #4 at San Onofre State Beach. This just adds another dimension to the painting making it a little more dynamic.