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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Exploration

Here is a new 5'9'' single fin I am shaping for a good friend of mine. This is going to be the 8th board I have shaped and I just want to say I have the greatest respect for anyone who shape surfboards. The first board I shaped awhile back was more out of curiosity than anything else, just to see how the process of making a surfboard really worked. After hacking out my first board my curiosity grew because I knew what I did wrong the first time (which was just about everything imaginable) and wanted to correct it on the next one. So this curiosity has now brought me up to board #8 and I still have many more mistakes to correct. But shaping a board is a lot of fun for me because there is constant learning involved and the satisfaction of finishing a large project like this is feels good. Slowly but surely my baords are getting a little better each time, almost to the point where I can pass them off as functioning surfboards...

My good friend was brave enough to let me shape him a board so we have collaborated and came up with this, 5'9'' round tail single fin, with a double concave on the deck. We were inspired with the idea of a concave deck after watching a clip of Ryan Birch riding a fish with a single concave deck www. found on As he explains, the whole idea is the same concept as a skateboard deck, there is a more grippy and connected feeling with the board because of the curved surface of the deck. As of now the board just needs to go through finish sanding and it will be ready for the funnest and by fun I mean most stressful part for me, glassing.

Stay tuned for more updates on the production of this board!

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