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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Surfboard Art

This is what first got me interested in the idea of functional art. All of my boards looked the same, white foam with a sand finish. I wanted to personalized my surfboards so they did not look just like everyone else's, so I decided to paint them. Surfboards are a great canvas and this was a fun and easy way to incorporate art into my daily life. I realized art does not have to be a delicate oil painting stuck on a wall, it can be tangible and common without depreciating the value and beauty of the work. I believe art should be interacted with and a surfboard is a great example of just that. So I will stop myself there from going on a huge tangent. But, here are some of the surfboards i have painted over the past couple of years. Three of the boards are mine and the sword fish and crane bird are my friends' boards. Last I heard the sword fish board was snapped in half and left in Tahiti somewhere. Not a bad place be.



  1. Shane, you certainly have been inspired by the beauty and bounty of the ocean. You have captured its rhythms and spectrums of life and color. Keep on exploring and thanks for sharing your talents...Jeanne K.

  2. Tight!

    ps....experiment with drugs, then cut off your ear. All truly great artists do.